Why I Added Portable Storage and Moving to My Traditional Self-Storage Business

Executive Summary

The following Case Study was developed by PSA after speaking with the owner of a prominent, multi-location self storage organization. After considering various options, he decided to expand his business reach by adding portable storage due to the “dual” benefits for both operator and customer.


The premise behind the decision to expand via portable storage was founded in the belief that the self storage business model could be improved on by reducing the customer requirements for my service.

Summary of Findings  

Some key take-a-ways noted below would be:

  • More convenient for customers than traditional self storage
  • Less likely to damage belongings as items are handled less frequently
  • Has provided access to many more customers than self storage
  • Reduces my customer acquisition costs
  • Able to add equivalent net rentable self storage space for 40% less capital
  • Given that 40% of self storage customers move at the end of their rental period, portable storage facilitates that process by eliminating the need to reload stored items into a rental truck or moving van
  • Portable storage containers provide an inexpensive local marketing platform as the containers become mobile “billboards” when in the community at a residence, business location, charity event etc.

Read the full case study here.