Storage Revenue Calculator

Normal Portable Storage revenue is broken into three major categories; monthly container rental charges, transportation p/u and delivery charges and miscellaneous monthly reoccurring fees for damage waiver, straps, blankets, cargo insurance etc. The Storage Revenue Calculator below allows you to evaluate the monthly and annual revenue opportunity for a Portable Storage business related to the major revenue components … rental and transportation fees. Remember that each market is unique and your brand name may garner a premium to pricing in the market when compared to national averages.

Simply select the size of the container that you wish to evaluate and put in your projected number of rented containers to understand the potential monthly and annual gross income.

Pick Container Size
    Low Range Mid Range High Range
Monthly Rental Fee   $ $ $
Average Rental Months Per Container X 2.9 4.4 6.5
Average Warehouse Storage Transportation Fees - 4 total touches + $ $ $
Total Income Per Container = $ $ $
Average Monthly Container Income = $ $ $
Containers Rented X
Monthly Gross Income * = $ $ $
Annual Gross Income * X 12 $ $ $
* There are additional monthly and annual revenue monies not accounted for in the total Gross Income calculations noted above. These include items such as: damage waiver, straps, blankets, cargo insurance, etc.